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Double Dragon

Free Double Dragon Tattoo Ankle, Arm, Chest, Foot, Forearm, Hand, Double Dragon Designs for Hip, Head, Knuckle, Leg, Lower Back, Stomach, Upper Back, Wrist. Double Dragon Images and Pics, Double Dragon galleries.

Double Dragon
Double Dragon

It is so simple and beautiful this design of this tribal dragon. Although we posted a pile of groups of tattoos in with very complex designs of dragon tattoos, we now have a design of dragon tattoo here that this in the other end.

The tattoo of dragon in this group of tattoo is of a great simplicity. Wings and extremities have been erased, just the head of the dragon and the tail have been left in the dragon, in this dragon tattoo. The detail of the fire that spitted by the mouth the dragon in this tattoo is impeccable. A great tribal design of dragon tattoo!

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